Emma Lee

Singer, Songwriter

Emma Lee is a North Carolina-based American singer/songwriter

This page will be dedicated to photography & snippets of the world as I see it: the places I get to explore, and the things that give me daily inspiration and motivation.

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Girl's Best Friend {on the mend}

Rocky Mountain Roadtrip

I recently had the opportunity to drive across the country from NC to CO with a good friend who was moving to Denver. It's always amazing to me how vastly different our country can be from one pulsing metropolis to another tiny ghost town 20 minutes away. 

Road trips are so inspiring to me. Maybe it's the breathtaking views from the window that spur on thoughts of possibility, change and potential. There are landscapes I've never seen before, yet that feel so familiar at the same time. I love the open road and I think I'd be happy to always travel this way instead of a plane, flying with blissful ignorance over the thousands of sights and sounds nested below in a matrix of tiny square fields and clustered city lights. 

These are just some of the images I captured on my trip- each view inspired me in its own way and makes me continue to long for more adventure.