Emma Lee

Singer, Songwriter

Emma Lee is a North Carolina-based American singer/songwriter

Emma was born in a small town, deep in the heart of Texas, where she learned how to sing staying up late at night watching CMT music videos and dancing around her room to Patsy Cline albums, forever a horse-loving Texas girl at heart.

Her family moved to Maryland when she was 11, where she had many opportunities to grow as a musician and person. One of those was the chance to perform side-by-side with world-famous opera singers in the Baltimore Opera Company's "Carmen," at age 13. From there, Emma took up dancing and acting as well, and auditioned for role after role in local community theater productions, while teaching herself guitar and learning how to write her own music.

At 16, Emma moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, where she fronted an alternative pop rock band, went on to UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!!) and earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism. After a few years living and working in the corporate world- music kept calling her back, and Emma finally quit her job to dedicate herself once more to her first love.

Currently Emma plays music full-time, writing, recording and playing live wherever and whenever she can. 

Look for her single, "Pull the Trigger," recorded at Blackbird Studios, Nashville.

"Through all the tumult and the strife, I hear the music ringing-

it finds an echo in my soul, how can I keep from singing?"